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Regardless the size, industry or sector, organizations face the intricate challenge of cutting costs and increasing productivity while improving reliability and quality of the products and services they offer. In an attempt to bring cost-effective strategic management decisions providing organizations with cutting edge, data center productivity is crucial.

STATISTICA suite line of products is powerful analytic solution that makes it simple to improve decision making and solve business challenges and it can drive to improved performance in every operational area, including customer relations, supply chain, financial performance and cost management, research and product development and strategic planning. When your organization runs more effectively and profitably, you have what it takes to out-think your competitions and out-perform your competitors.

For strategic and tactical decision making


Risk Management

Financial Services companies face the challenging task of making credit decisions in a complex and uncertain environment. Decisions regarding credit limits and approvals must be compliant with regulatory and policy rules, reflect known segmentation (rules) among products and customers, and incorporate standard as well as advanced and emerging predictive risk modeling techniques, such as text mining.

The STATISTICA Risk Management solution has been proven at some of the largest and most progressive financial institutions in the world. Our solution provides advanced analytical tools that enable financial services companies to gain more profitable customers and to decrease risks.

STATISTICA Quality Control

In today's business world, it's not enough to be "just as good as" the competition. Successful strategic advantage falls to those who can deliver a product or service that is better in some way and that is more meaningful to the target audience. In this context the ability to offer customers quality products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations is essential to building a successful business and forms the basis of an efficient business that minimizes waste and operates at high levels of productivity.

STATISTICA Quality Control features a wide selection of quality control analysis techniques with presentation-quality charts of unmatched versatility and comprehensiveness. It is uniquely ideal for both automated shop-floor quality control systems of all types and levels of complexity as well as sophisticated analytic and quality improvement research.


Today the amount of data that’s being generated is far more than we can handle, almost every single activity or interaction leaves a trail that somebody somewhere captures, stores and analyses. Just the size of this data has gone beyond human-sense capabilities and at this scale it’s almost impossible to detect patterns just by looking at the data. This is where data mining comes into the picture, it automates a part of this process to detect interpretable patterns.

STATISTICA Data Miner contains the most comprehensive and user-friendly selection of data mining tools for the entire data mining process - from querying databases to generating final reports. It features a selection of automated and ready-to-deploy data mining solutions for a wide variety of business applications. At the same time, STATISTICA is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet very specific and demanding analysis requirements through its open architecture.


Traditional financial performance measures provide information about the past performance of the company, but are not well suited to predict future performance or to implement and monitor the strategic plan of the company. By analyzing the different views that financial managers can better translate strategy into objectives action and better measure how the strategic plan runs.

STATISTICA Scorecard is a management system that maps the strategic objectives of the organization in the measures of performance in four perspectives: financial, internal, customers, and learning and growth process. These perspectives provide a relevant feedback as to how the strategic plan runs so that adjustments can be made as necessary

Suitable for developing, evaluating, and monitoring scorecard models, our solution includes several capabilities and features

STATISTICA Decisioning Platform®

The rapid growth of structured and unstructured data has elevated predictive modeling to critical status across all aspects of commercial and government organizations, including marketing, sales, manufacturing and service functions. But predictive modeling can take you only so far — while analysts can use data mining to detect patterns in historical data and predict future patterns in a business context, translating those predictions into business decisions requires integrated decision rules.

STATISTICA Decisioning Platform is StatSoft’s solution to help your organization make decisions more efficiently utilizing predictive analytics. Obstacles that impede business objectives often provide the best opportunities to develop more informed business decisions. By applying predictive analytics to determine patterns of historical data, a business enterprise can better refine and achieve its objectives for customer retention, customer acquisition, employee performance, decreased risk, and increased profitability.

Solutions for the Marketing Industry

StatSoft Solutions for the Marketing Industry meet a wide range of the requirements for success in this diverse and exacting industry. From customer insight to up-lift/net-lift analysis, StatSoft provides a range of solutions that will allow you to leverage the predictive power of STATISTICA. Make your data work for you in areas of customer retention, price optimization, sentiment analysis and more. If you are in the Marketing Industry, there is a StatSoft solution that will meet the full range of demands of any company in this industry.

The following specific solutions for the Marketing Industry are available.

  • Customer Insight
  • Customer Retention
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Media Mix Optimization
  • Price Optimization
  • Propensity
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Sentiment-Analysis
  • Telecommunications
  • Up-Lift/Net-Lift


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