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Local and international competition, increasing globalization, shifting of political systems, changing demographics and changing customer requirements are just a few of the factors forcing organizations of all types to become more adaptable to the maturing of their markets.

Whilst some see global competition as threats, we at GL Consultants believe that the markets are full of opportunities to explore, innovate, and grow. It just requires the right approach. In this context, the information and communication technologies (ICT) have turned our existence upside down, revolutionizing almost everything we do.

From how we work, where we work and even when we work upto how customers order a pizza, buy a television, share a moment with a friend, or send a picture over instant messaging. Today, customers expect even the smallest of businesses to have a professional, informative website. Businesses that have failed to embrace the advancement of communications and ICT have put themselves at a disadvantage.
Our solutions for the ICT industry are designed to help our clients exploit these opportunities and turn them into competitive advantages.

Solutions You Can Count On

We provide a proven eCommerce solution, which includes an easy to use Update it Yourself website in order to generate real value to our clients by fully integrating ICT into their operations and turning it into an engine of excellence and success. Our aim is simple - to provide affordable web design and development services for different devices.

Our knowledgeable expert consultants help optimize our clients' offering and maximize ROI.

Consulting - Implementing - Online Marketing - Training - Platforms & Tools

We don’t create nice websites.... We create succesful ecommerce businesses.

  • Executive Assesment

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    We conduct a comprehensive analysis of key ecommerce metrics, assess the online potential and uncover suitable opportunities for ecommerce growth.

  • Strategic Planning

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    We support clients develop a customized ecommerce actionable strategies, detailed execution plans, and the appropiate implementation

  • Customer Model

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    We help our clients identify the appropiate suitable target market, develop and execute effective marketing plans to serve this segment.

  • Marketing Channel Plan

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    We help improve results by adapting and refining a customized ecommerce strategy leveraging industry expertise & best practices.

  • Merchandising

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    We assist our clients increase order values and overall revenue configuring creative promotions for new product launches, holidays or other occasions

  • Brand Strategy

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    We assist clients build an online brand strategy that helps them stand out from the competition and avoiding having to compete on price.

  • Content Consulting

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    We assist our clients to identify the most effective way to word and convey their message and information about their products and services.

  • Social Media Marketing

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    We provide high-value social media consultancy services helping our clients achieve tangible results from their social media activities.

  • Business to Business

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    We assist clients with tailored B2B solutions giving them the best competitive advantages in this increasingly global market.

  • Process Assessment

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    Our consultants evaluate current ecommerce processes in order to help identify opportunities for added productivity and measures of success.

  • Organisation Alignement

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    We assist clients with methodologies & tools to ensure that everyone is aligned with and actively pursuing the key business objectives.

  • Technology Consulting

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    We help our clients to determine the precise blend of tools and processes required to bridge technology gaps and address operation challenges.

  • Web Design & Development

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    We create eye catching, state of the art websites, focused on increase traffic, engagement, and conversion rates rapidly and continuously.

  • Launching Successful Sites

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    We help companies define creative, functional, and technical requirements for the building of a successful ecommerce site from scratch.

  • Website Optimization

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    Our Website Optimization services are designed to maximize existing web site's conversion rate and its ability to generate more leads and sales.

  • Global Ecommerce Solutions

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    Ensure foreign shoppers enjoy a seamless, convenient shopping experience, getting your site ready for International Ecommerce.

  • Ecommerce Operations

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    We leverage a set of ecommerce process maps from a high level overview of how all functions work together on different environments.

  • High-End Solutions

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    If you are looking for the right platform for your e-business, we will analyze and evaluate your needs and find the right fit for you.

  • Custom E-Commerce Solutions

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    Our base platform integrates the common features and requirements of all online stores into a highly customizable system

  • Technology Transfer

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    We provide a comprehensive range of services to assist clients in generating licensing value and technology acquisition opportunities.

  • Back Office Intergration

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    To ensure that the ebusiness runs smoothly, we also offer complete back-office integration, with all the other administrative systems.

  • Service Support

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    An important element of our offer is a vast and coherent array of services connected with maintenance of solutions implemented.

  • Multimedia & Presentations

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    We provide professional multimedia corporate presentations services for conferences, meetings and trade shows.

  • Professional Training

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    We offer a comprehensive range of competemcies building training modules to incorporate the strategies, tactics, and metrics.

  • Search Engine Visibility

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    Get more customers. Use Search Engine Visibility to increase your search rankings, and bring more traffic to your website. .

  • Email Marketing

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    The most cost-effective way to connect with customers and prospects! Everything you need to market your business like a pro

  • Fax Thru Email

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    Send and receive faxes privately and securely anywhere you have Internet access. Handles most popular current formats fles.

  • Hosted Exchange 2010

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    Solution that improves productivity with powerful email, calendar and online collaboration tools including a SharePoint® intranet portal.

  • Business Class Email

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    Fast, reliable, private, secure and spam-free Email Hosting. Includes a web-based email software for easy access from any device, anywhere!

  • SSL Certificates

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    Secure your site. Boost response and customer confidence with an affordable Turbo or High Assurance SSL Certificate.

  • Domain Name Registration

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    Build your business identity. Get your domain name today! Search now. All of our domains are loaded with free extras!

  • SiteLockTM

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    SiteLockTM protects your web investment, keeping you and your customers safe from hackers and other online threats.

  • Signing Certificates

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    Using Code & Driver Signing Certificates, shows customers they can trust your code by securing it with a unique digital signature.

  • Private Registration

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    Private Registration helps you:
    - Protect your identity
    - Block harassers and stalkers
    - Shield legitimate business endeavors

  • Domain Name Holding

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    Designed for Domain Buyer and Seller, the service provides a secure transition by holding the domain while the Buyer makes scheduled payments.

  • Web Advertising

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    We help clients increase traffic, make their website visible by developing and implementing a suitable customized and affordable advertising plan.

  • Ecommerce Platforms

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    When it comes to secure and reliable ecommerce platforms, we offer a wide variety of choices and a wealth of system expertise.

  • Online Storage

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    Keep files safe & accessible (anytime, anywhere) with our secure cloud storage. Perfect for backing up and sharing important files.

  • Online Databases & Records

    Easily setup & maintainable databases solutions to keep your customers' records, anytime, anywhere. No technical skills or coding required.

  • Enterprise Systems

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    For larger, fast-growing online ventures that need advanced features & capabilities, customized solutions to meet specific needs are available.

  • Open Source Solutions

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    For online stores that need more sophisticated marketing, analysis, and reporting functionality, a range of open source solution are available.

  • Quick Shopping Cart®

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    Creating an online store is easy. Just choose a design, add your products and start selling! No technical skills or coding required.

  • Website Builder

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    With intuitive navigation, templates and drag-and-drop functionality, your website can be up and running tonight. No technical skills or coding required.

  • Dedicated Hosting IP

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    Build your business on its own unique IP address, one that's not shared by any other accounts on the same server. Access your site anytime.

  • Dedicated Servers

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    Resources ready in minutes, flexible plans designed to grow, and your choice of Management Levels, all on your single-tenant VM

  • Web Hosting

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    Fast, secure, reliable hosting that grows with your business. Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth; Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

  • Managed WordPress®

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    We created our WordPress® multi-tier hosting platform in-house and from the ground up to cater exclusively to WordPress® sites.

  • VPS Hosting

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    Get all the power and control of your own Virtual Server. Flexible plans designed to grow, and your choice of Management Levels

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Three Facts of Business Life

  • Fact #1 – Today, technology and the Internet can be effectively used to accomplish strategic business objectives and allow even smaller companies to appear, and operate, like large corporations.
  • Fact #2 – Those that don’t embrace technology and the Internet as a competitive business “weapon” will ultimately be overrun by those that do.
  • Fact #3 – Most “web gurus” and “technology guys” DON’T understand business.


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