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Highly Customizable

Our analysis uses through & multi-tier review process that can be customized for your organization and can include: Personnel Assessment|| Organizational Review || Territory Review || Distribution Strategy Review || Presentation Skills Assessment || Plan Review

Turn Data Into Actionable Information

G. Levinton

Reliable information should always pave the way for management decision

Our cost-effective and comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics services provide a foundation for insight and analysis to help you make more astute business decisions, take bold action, and execute quickly.

  • Gain insights for support decision making
  • Learn the market size, supply and demand situation
  • Establish the divisions (segments) of the market
  • Identify the market trends, and upward/downward market movements
  • Recognize competing influences

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Gaining an Information Advantage

In today's increasingly complex and ever-changing environment, one of the ongoing challenges facing organizations is to continually improve the way they operate and do business. But organizations can only improve the way they operate when their people (management) are called upon making decisions ... whereas the effectiveness and quality of those decisions determine how successful a manager will be.

Successful decision making starts by a precise translation of daily issues into a rational data collection, properly structured and stored for a coherent and efficient analysis. Under these circumstances, it becomes critical that organizations' culture moves from "management by guts" to "management by data". Managers cannot rely on accidental successful decisions, whereas what was true yesterday will not be necessarily true tomorrow, if not today.

Although knowing the complexities of their environment is the basis for all successful product decisions, the reality is that unpredictability exists whenever and wherever decisions are made, whether of an operational, administrative, legal, scientific or policy nature. Hence every decision is invariably surrounded by uncertainties and, therefore, it carries risks

Designed to keep up with market trends while reducing such uncertainties, market research is one of the most useful tools that an organization can use to help management make better strategic and tactical decisions needed in order to maintain a competitive edge.

Therefore research and analysis turns to be the prerequisite that brings information and knowledge for finding out efficient solutions. GL Consultants offers a complete comprehensive range of quantitative and qualitative research and business intelligence services designed to provide to our clients on a continual basis reliable and relevant information and detailed analysis needed to support those decisions.

Our services include a wide range of research, analytics and consulting around product development, customer experience and satisfaction, brand analysis and strategy, ad and communications testing and tracking, market segmentation, risk assessment and many other areas.

  • Innovation Development

    Our programs icludes a wide variety of market research methods for researching innovations and innovation development.

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  • Big Data Analysis

    Years of experience in high-velocity & big-data applications, ranging from automated complex process to real-time risk and fraud scoring. .

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  • Research Training

    Our comprehensive programs are designed to help those interested in strengthening their cores skills in market research.

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  • Online Tools

    Our comprehensive online solutions include online surveys, webcam focus groups, online communities and discussion boards.

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