Why Us : Detect the Advantage

Our Core Values

Integrity and Honesty- Building our reputation by being ethical and respectful.

Commitment to Excellence - We constantly strive to exceed our clients' expectations.

Collaboration and Teamwork - encouraging teamwork and leveraging our collective strengths.

Respect - We treat everybody with respect and sensitivity.

The Right Partner

Indisputable integrity

Solid, relevant and successful experience

Creative problem-solving skills

Good communication skills

Capability to work with the organization

Client focus

Excellent interpersonal skills

Success stories don't just happen. They are made.

Guillermo Levinton

Building a Strong Foundation

Companies are challenged to improve margins and profitability, particularly in today's complex business environment... Significant performance improvements is a challenge that requires professional business planning and the use of supportive decision making tools. Therefore ....

Finding the Right Supportive Partner is Crucial

GLC & Associates - The Right Supportive Partner

There are many things that make GLC different from other consulting firms. First of all, engrained in our culture is the concept of actively seeking continuous improvement in every aspect of the business. GL Consultants & Associates has a long and rich history of successfully improving the competitiveness of companies and organizations around the world. Our proven methodology identifies pragmatic performance improvement opportunities and delivers executable strategies.

The success of GLC&A is based on a few distinctive characteristics and is driven by a number of integrated competencies, that makes us different from other consulting firms.

 Global presence with a wide and broad expertise
GLC has permanent offices in all 6 continents and a rich "hands-on" successful experience with projects in many countries worldwide. This allow us to bring the best ideas, experience and expertise to our customers every single day. And we apply this collective insight, combined with our customer successes, to address the toughest challenges.

 World class market insights and Business Intelligence
Throughout our operations, and as a member of Bemacol Group of Companies, GLC is deeply engaged in cutting-edge research and through its corporate parent and associated companies the firm has access to virtually every major database source in business, economics, and other relevant fields in the world. Understanding the market we work in, is critical to competing in the market and enhance competitiveness.

 Identifying and understanding context
At GLC&A we go beyond simply identifying trends. We create rich, innovative stimulating concepts and strategies, illustrating how people may experience your value proposition. We look at short and long term key society drivers to explore how they impact business and consumers. These insights, enriched by our predictive analytics solutions are key to developing engaging future scenarios.

 Alliance Joint Business Planning: The One-firm Model
The aim of any alliance is to set-up and run a successful operation. Collaboration is a means to that end, not the end itself. An alliance's success will hinge on a well-defined value proposition supported by high-performance capabilities. In search for the best solution, our consultants across the world call on one another for expertise and collaboration on a daily basis.

 Innovation & Creativity
We pride ourselves on the lengths we take to find the best solutions for our clients. To that end, we've have created a hub web environment where open communication allows new insights and new ways of looking at problems. This is one way we can help to provide our clients with a competitive advantage.

 Values-driven culture
As global markets and industry landscapes change, it is our constant set of core values that allow us to maintain consistency and accountability in our operations. Our values are the foundation from which we strive to turn our vision into a reality on a daily basis. As a company and as individuals we take our core values very seriously.

 Straightforward approach
We like to keep things simple. With user friendliness and simplicity in mind we help our clients to develop powerful and practical solutions that respond to theirs' individual needs and offer the right tools to get the job done without unnecessary complexity.

We combine analytical capabilities with technological know-how and operational excellence. This gives you a competitive edge, providing you with a truly unique experience.

Assisting entrepreneurs in determining how to leverage their competencies, while acquiring new and necessary knowledge to improve their productivity and profitability!